Pay with Amazon Gift Card

1. CLICK THIS LINK (will open in a new tab/window)


2. Choose “Standard” as the gift card design




3. Make sure that you’ve entered the exact same amount as your modafinilmart order total.


Your current order total: USD 0.00



4. Enter “” in the “To” field, and write your name in the “From” field.


5. Enter the ModafinilMart Order ID of this order in the “Message” field.
Your ModafinilMart Order ID: see your email for the ID number so we can easily identify you



6. Click Buy Now. You may have to login before paying for your Amazon Gift Card.



7. In the “Select a payment method” screen, enter your card information at the next screen if it’s not saved already, add it and continue.



8. Finally review and confirm your Amazon Gift Card purchase.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully paid for your ModafinilMart order by sending us an Amazon Gift Card.