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What Is Modafinil and Why Is It So In Demand?

If you have seen the film Limitless, you are probably interested to know if such a drug exist. 

In this movie, Bradley Cooper played a role of an aspiring writer who couldn’t write anything, was left and rejected by his girlfriend and is totally helpless and broke. A friend gave him a pill that turned his life around by enhancing his mental acuity making him one of the most sought after financial analyst/strategist in the country. 

While modafinil doesn’t really give you the exact same path as Bradley in the movie, apart from the fact that no such drug really exist, smart drugs such as modafinil is proven and tested to improve mental focus, enhance creativity, improve decision making and problem solving abilities. One research even says that it helps people prevent making bad decisions. 

According to researchers at Oxford and Harvard, it’s the world’s first safe smart drug. 

Modafinil is initially a medication for nacolepsy. It is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. People suffering from this disorder experience excessive day time sleepiness and uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep even during any type of activity at any time of the day. Modafinil is primarily an effective eugeroic, or wakefulness-enhancing drug.  

With the rise of smart drugs and the demand for it (especially after the movie Limitless was shown), the market tried to keep up. Hence the number and variety of smart drugs circulating nowadays. Despite this, modafinil is still the best smart drug out there based on reviews, testimonials and anecdotal evidences. More and more healthy people are taking it without prescription to help improve and enhance their attention, learning capacity, memory and fluid intelligence without major side effects. Studies shows minimal to 0 side effects when using modafinil. This is now very popular in universities, for students preparing for written or oral exams. it’s popular with doctors who are sleep deprived, people on graveyard shift who needs to stay awake at work. 

Though there maybe alternatives to modafinil, their side effects are their downfall. People nowadays tend to really choose what they are buying, and the less side effects the better. 

The demand for smart drugs have been going on for years, some have been on  modafinil for 10 years already and reported no side effects unlike alternative drugs like Ritalin among others. 

Though it’s effect on the brain are really complex and there is no standard straight forward explanation, modafinil is noted to be non-addictive which is another major plus! This is one of the most frequently asked questions about smart drugs. And for the first time, there is this drug that is reasonably safe for people – in terms of side effects, addiction and the likes. 

If something that enhances your cognitive skills, majority of your brain function, creativity, responses, motivation that will eventually improve your way of life, it wouldn’t be a surprise that demand would spike the way it did. 

While it is difficult to get approval for OTC availability, suppliers from other countries fly in these drugs due to the increasing demand making them available for purchases online. 

One way or the other, modafinil finds its way to consumers aiming to be more productive, smart and more engaged in their tasks at hand. It does in a way really work like magic for most people who use it. More and more studies are being conducted to further prove the efficacy and efficiency of different smart drugs being made available, but as of this writing modafinil still ranks number 1 in the market. 

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