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The Rise of Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs To Popularity

I was browsing through some news and articles to find out how much of the global population now uses PCE pills or what we call “smart drugs” more commonly. 

PCE is the non medical use of substances to boost mental performance, such as increasing memory or concentration. 

Found out that in the U.S alone, there has been an increase from 20% in 2015 to 30% in 2017 (these are individuals who reported they are taking the pill at least once in the preceeding 12 months). 

In France, it dramatically rose from 3% in 2015 to 16% in 2017. In the UK, it’s a staggering increase from 5% in 23%. 

There really has been some trend on the use of these PCE pills. And more and more healthy people are using it that it’s becoming a lifestyle. 

Looking back when Corneliu Giurgea discovered this in the 1960s this has been a great leap indeed! 

Corneliu was actually conducting experiments and doing studies to find a substance that will penetrate the brain and make them fall asleep and came up with a compound which was very safe and minimal side effects, but however worked the opposite way. It didn’t actually made people fall asleep but instead enhanced focus and attention and improved the memory. 

Nowadays, cognitive enhancing drugs are popular among healthy individuals like students and professionals and there are continuous studies and research being made to make these drugs even better. 

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